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Also known as Scalp MicroPigmentation, Scalp Pigmentation, SMP and Tattoo Hair Follicles

Hair Tattoo

Why choose Hairline Solutions for your SMP Treatment?

Hairline Solutions is the originator of SMP in Australia. The process was introduced to Australia from the UK in April 2011, and for the next 6 years, Hairline Solutions operated as the only full-time SMP provider in the country. Since its inception, we have performed many treatment sessions for clients nationwide, including NZ, PNG, Singapore, and Canada. In 2019, a client of ours was featured on the hit Channel 9 reality television program Married at First Sight (MAFS), creating such a furore that we were booked to capacity for 12 months in advance due to potential clients now able to see nightly just how good a Hairline Solutions SMP treatment is.

Following this, The Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy was launched and has now trained and mentored over 100 practitioners nationally. The most talented are hand-picked to provide treatments for clients at our Melbourne and Gold Coast clinics.

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We dedicate our focus to high-quality SMP and the health and safety of our clients, with their confidentiality being of utmost importance. We continue to specialise in the best Scalp Micro Pigmentation.

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Professional & Discreet - Create A Whole New Look

At Hairline Solutions, we know first-hand what it's like to struggle with hair loss; we see it daily. Thinning or complete baldness can be an emotional time for many, bringing on all types of anxieties. Please don't suffer any longer; we can help you regain your confidence today!


Why Choose Our Hair Tattoo Treatment?

Our hair follicle replication process is highly advanced and developed solely for Hairline Solutions. We create a natural-looking hairline with the appearance of hair with density.

We use only natural mineral-based pigment made to set in the scalp skin once placed, resulting in very fine, crisp, and clear follicle replications. This product is not commercially available; it's produced exclusively for us

Tattoo inks are never used

We do not use permanent makeup pigments that are proven beyond doubt to result in discolouration, fading and changing shape under the skin (migration) over time

Tattooed hair follicles replicate real shaven follicles on the scalp

Our treatment is founded on proven UK methods and tested in depth over time

During your consultation, we will show you photos of our work and not the work of overseas providers or models. Also, we will show you examples of the treatment you will receive. All images are procedures carried out here at Hairline Solutions and are actual clients

At Hairline, we don't like to run Forums or Blogs; these can be confusing and biased in favour of other providers

We can give you contact details for previous clients (with their permission of course) so you can speak to a real customer, and see their hair treatment for yourself

Having treated many clients who had already undergone a “treatment” with other providers here in Australia. Our remedial work has given them the result they wanted and rightly deserve. We have albums of photos that we will be happy to show you (names of clients and providers left out)

We not only treat pattern baldness, but we also provide a solution for customers who have thin hair and do not want a “buzz cut” look for their hair

Ladies may also require our treatment where the “buzz cut” look is out of the question

The Scalp Micropigmentation process can help enhance the look of your hair, making it look like it has more density

SMP - Immediate Results!

Our hairline design consultant has over 30 years of experience in the hair and beauty industries. Her expertise will ensure your new hairline is designed considering your age and future requirements, taking years off your appearance whilst enhancing your natural facial features. Your personal practitioner will have already completed hundreds of documented and verifiable treatments and skilfully perform yours to look natural and undetectable even under the closest scrutiny, complimenting your facial features and resulting in a more youthful appearance.

Our practitioners are fully trained and experienced in every aspect of SMP, including:

• Male pattern baldness for every skin tone and hair colour.
• Male and female thinning.
• Alopecia of every nature.
• Scar coverage.
• Adding density to hair transplants.
• Rectification of poor SMP by others.

Each practitioner then specialises in their chosen discipline, i.e., dark skin, female thinning, etc., so we can ensure you are placed with the expert suited to your particular requirements. Therefore you are guaranteed to receive the ultimate results and experience.
At Hairline Solutions, we understand how hair loss can affect a person’s perception of themselves. Many of our clients have come to believe that society views them differently than everyone else, that they are somehow inferior.


SMP - New Beginnings

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

A recent survey conducted by the Hair Sciences Centre in Colorado, USA, reported the following. “People believe a good hairline helps you achieve more success in life. The perception is that men who don’t suffer the stigma of hair loss are more successful in the workplace, in attracting a partner and in life in general. A man who feels that his job prospects, career path and success in relationships are negatively affected by hair loss will experience both conscious and subconscious anxiety about it, thus affecting his confidence and creating a vicious cycle. When securing that ideal job or attracting a partner, we understand that worrying about hair loss can be a genuine concern. For these reasons, Hairline Solutions services hundreds of clients annually and continues to lead the SMP industry here in Australia.

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