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SMP Trainer Art East

Art East

Art is a senior SMP technician with over 4 years of experience performing solely SMP. Art approaches his craft with a genuine passion. His attention to detail and realism is evident in the results he achieves, which have earned him many high-profile clients. Art is renowned for his ability to create natural-looking hairlines, and his consistent perfectionism ensures his clients always leave satisfied. Art's true passion is restoring his clients' confidence, whether dealing with thinning, balding or transplant scarring.

Lisa Millington

Lisa has been operating in Melbourne for over 25 years as a Cosmetic Tattooist and 15 years as a Premier Trainer. Lisa has created and perfected her own personalised cosmetic tattooing methods, which she is known for Australia-wide. Lisa has trained with the best in the Cosmetic Tattoo industry worldwide and is passionate about helping her students obtain results for their own clients beyond their imagination.

Lisa has been performing SMP treatments for 6 years and has provided quality SMP training for the last 3 years. Her students are achieving the very best results under her instruction.

Together, they are excited to bring their combined knowledge and expertise to Melbourne and the Gold Coast commencing September 2023.

SMP Trainer Lisa Millington


Eslana is a passionate and dedicated artist with an eye for detail and gives 100% to every treatment. Her background in nursing supports her holistic approach to caring for each client as an individual rather than just another number. Her consistent desire to help others shines through in the evident satisfaction she gets from the smile on each client's face when they see their new 'hair'. Eslana found SMP when supporting a loved one through his hair loss journey and fell in love with it. Aaron personally trained her; from day one, it was abundantly apparent that she had a natural talent for SMP. Anyone fortunate enough to have her as their artist will be overjoyed at the results she will achieve for them.


Lesley's life path makes people smile and feel their total worth. A passion drives her to help EVERYONE feel the best they possibly can. She understands firsthand how confidence plays such a critical role in our everyday lives and how destructive our thoughts can be when experiencing hair loss. This mindset led her to jump on board the first Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy training course in mid-2019. Since then, Lesley has dedicated herself to continuous learning in the industry and has helped hundreds of people look and feel younger and more confident – and she can't wait to help you next!

Lesley is a bundle of contagious energy, a great listener and loves a laugh!
She has an outstanding portfolio and client satisfaction record as one of Australia's most extended practising artists. Her work speaks volumes about her attitude toward achieving exceptional client results. As a highly competent member of our teaching team, Lesley has guided and mentored dozens of students through the Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy courses.


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