Scalp Pigmentation

    SINCE 2011

    Scalp Pigmentation or SMP is the treatment that provides visual hair follicle replication

    Scalp Pigmentation

    SINCE 2011

    Scalp Pigmentation or SMP is the treatment that provides visual hair follicle replication

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      Scalp Pigmentation is available for gentlemen and ladies alike

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      Scalp Pigmentation is nothing new, although it may be new to you. This technique has been performed worldwide for over 20 years and replicates the appearance of active hair follicle growth on the scalp, therefore disguising hair loss in both male and female clients. It is a non-surgical cosmetic tattoo-based process that provides the client with a natural and full hairline and crown where the "buzzed" look is required. It also creates an underlying coverage base for clients experiencing thinning hair, eliminating the visible scalp and disguising scars from accidents and surgery.

      We use a proven, safe and effective mineral pigment formulated to rapidly set in the skin once implanted, resulting in very fine, crisp and clear follicle replications. These products are not regular tattoo or eyebrow inks, which discolour and merge in time. The Hairline Solutions "dotting" process incorporates the precise placement of thousands of microscopic follicle replications to achieve a remarkable natural effect, unlike regular tattoos, which utilise lining and shading techniques.

      Scalp Pigmentation by Hairline Solutions since 2011

      The process was pioneered in the UK in 2001 and has since taken the world by storm, as it is the only hair loss disguise treatment that provides immediate and guaranteed results. Most treatments are completed and fully settled within two weeks of the initial session. This cost-effective process has been performed on tens of thousands of clients worldwide, with many examples portrayed on national television and social media for everyone's scrutiny.

      Today, many supposed solutions to hair loss are on the market, including transplant surgery, hairpieces, laser combs, creams, pills, lotions, and potions. The available information on these systems is extensive. The fact that you are considering SMP would suggest you have already researched all these alternatives extensively and have yet to find a suitable answer to your dilemma.

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      Our SMP Treatments

      Regain your confidence and make a comeback with a great new hairline. Discover what we can do for you; let's do this together!

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      Are you ready to increase your earning potential and change lives? Hairline Solutions will teach you how at their SMP Training Academy.

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      More SMP Treatments

      Cover up scarring from past hair transplants or other types of head scarring or conditions, for example, Alopecia. 

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      Scalp Pigmentation Melbourne & Gold Coast

      Our treatment is non-invasive. We use detailed micro-needles to deposit pigment into the scalp. The result creates the appearance of tiny hair follicles that help thicken and restore the look of abundant hair. If you are bald, starting to recede, or thin, we can give you the great look of a short buzz cut.

      At Hairline Solutions, we understand just how frustrating any kind of hair loss can be. Many products or procedures available today are expensive, unreliable, or do not live up to expectations.

      We go to work every day to solve our clients' hair loss dilemmas. It's fantastic to see the immediate change in customers and the new outlook on life that often emerges.

      Knowing the future of hair loss treatment and sharing it with the world one client at a time is so rewarding!

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