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Aaron is Director of Hairline Solutions and introduced SMP to Australia from the UK in April 2011, when nobody had heard of it, let alone had it for themselves. His own SMP treatment was skillfully performed by someone he trained.

Aaron's background is in the Metal Fabrication industry, having competed in a formal apprenticeship, and worked as a qualified tradesperson in various management roles for numerous companies both here and overseas.

He emigrated to Australia in 2003, and in 2009 on a trip home to visit friends and family, he saw SMP for the first time when one of his friends was more than happy to discuss the SMP he had received. Aaron was so impressed with what he saw that he initially couldn't believe it was not hair; this made him decide he wanted the SMP treatment too.

Upon returning to Australia a few days later, he was disappointed to discover nobody was offering SMP on a professional basis. Over the next 2 years, he made numerous trips to the UK, where he acquired the skills and knowledge to introduce the process to Australia, and in April 2011 performed his first treatments.

Since then, he has created life-changing transformations for over 1300 clients, with over 3000 treatment sessions completed. In May 2019, he launched the Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy, which continues to operate as the only full-time teaching facility in the country. Aaron's current role in Hairline Solutions is the development of his teachers to pave the way for students to succeed in the industry as highly competent practitioners in their own right.

As a high achiever, Aaron also attained great success in the sporting arena, achieving national and international recognition in Rugby League, Martial arts and Masters bodybuilding. He also received the coveted "Apprentice of The Year" accolade during his trade training years. His discipline and desire to achieve at the highest level will ensure you receive the best treatments and training at Hairline Solutions.


Lesley's life path makes people smile and feel their total worth. A passion drives her to help EVERYONE feel the best they possibly can. She understands firsthand how confidence plays such a critical role in our everyday lives and how destructive our thoughts can be when experiencing hair loss. This mindset led her to jump onboard the first Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy training course in mid-2019. Since then, Lesley has dedicated herself to continuous learning in the industry and has helped hundreds of people look and feel younger and more confident – and she can't wait to help you next!

Lesley is a bundle of contagious energy, a great listener and loves a laugh!
She has an outstanding portfolio and client satisfaction record as one of Australia's most extended practising artists. Her work speaks volumes about her attitude toward achieving exceptional client results. As a highly competent member of our teaching team, Lesley has guided and mentored dozens of students through the Hairline Solutions SMP Training Academy courses alongside Aaron.



Eslana is a passionate and dedicated artist with an eye for detail and gives 100% to every treatment. Her background in nursing supports her holistic approach to caring for each client as an individual rather than just another number. Her consistent desire to help others shines through in the evident satisfaction she gets from the smile on each client's face when they see their new 'hair'. Eslana found SMP when supporting a loved one through his hair loss journey and fell in love with it. Aaron personally trained her; from day one, it was abundantly apparent that she had a natural talent for SMP. Anyone fortunate enough to have her as their artist will be overjoyed at the results she will achieve for them.

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